Ruben & Lullaby a finalist in the “Achievement in Art” category of this year’s IGF Mobile

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Got the happy news yesterday that Ruben & Lullaby snagged a nomination in the Independent Games Festival Mobile. A lot of midnight oil was burned trying to make the entry deadline--I’m grateful for the response, and all props to Ezra Claytan Daniels for his beautiful artwork for the game (see this post for links to some of his really excellent graphic novel work). It’s been about 10 years since I was last at the Game Developer’s Conference (while working at Inscape on games like The Dark Eye), so It’ll be good to be there again, especially now that it’s held in San Francisco.


Thanks LA Flash; still working on the new Swing distro

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Last week’s event at LA Flash was a lot of fun; thanks to all who attended. I promised while I was there that I would make Swing 2.0 available for download—at the moment this is proving more difficult than I hoped, mainly because as soon as I take the project files out of their Flex project folder, they stop working. It’s not a matter of files being missing or anything, and I’ve seen this with other projects, where the project files must be in the folder FlexBuilder has blessed as the official project folder to work. I’m sure there must be something really simple I’m missing here, but I’m stumped at the moment. Any suggestions would be welcomed!


“Music, Lyrics and the Wii Remote: Creating ‘Swing’” this Wednesday at LA Flash

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SoCal folk: come on out to 2009’s first meeting of LA Flash, this coming Wednesday, January 21st, from 7 - 10 pm—I’ll be giving a talk called “Music, Lyrics & the Wii Remote: Creating ‘Swing,’" followed by Amir Fischer covering “The Emerging market of 3D in Casual Gaming,” a raffle, and networking. I’m going to cover some background relating to the creation of “Swing,” and provide a brief introduction to WiiFlash, the ActionScript library that allows Flash to talk to the Wiimote, nunchuk, classic controller, and balance board. Would love to see you there!


Ruben & Lullaby now available on the App Store!

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Screenshot from Ruben & Lullaby

A screenshot from Ruben & Lullaby.

Well, almost exactly six months after I got my iPhone, I’m happy to announce that Ruben & Lullaby, my first game for the iPhone and iPod touch, is now available on the App Store. Ruben & Lullaby is the first of a planned series of “opertoons"--stories you play like musical instruments--and I’m very excited about how this project has turned out. Many thanks to Ezra Claytan Daniels, who did the wonderful illustrations for the project and has been a great collaborator along the way. Thanks also to beta testers George Loyer, Mitchell Whitelaw, and Greg J. Smith for invaluable feedback.

You can learn more about Ruben & Lullaby at or head directly to the App Store for your hit of motion-controlled narrative goodness!


All completed episodes of Chroma now posted on YouTube

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Wanted to report that all of the completed episodes of Chroma are now available on YouTube thanks to the efforts of Kyle Taylor, who’s been a fan and supporter of the project for years. Even though interaction is obviously a major component of the piece, I’ve gotten a number of requests over the years for straight video versions of the chapters to be exhibited at various events, and have been happy to oblige. If you’re not in an interactive mood, don’t want to install Shockwave, or just want a quick taste of the piece, check out the Chroma playlist Kyle has put together--and be sure to click the “High Quality” link for the best experience. Thanks Kyle!


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