Wiimote type animation: “Swing”

Animation, Experiments, Flash, Wii

Greetings, programs. I’m launching erikloyer.com with a first foray into Wiimote-enabled work—a type animation experiment called “Swing.” Swing lets you use the Wiimote to waggle your way through syllables of text. When the syllables are written by Kurt Elling and you put on “Tanya Jean” (Elling’s brilliant riff on Dexter Gordon) in the background, you get…

Swing is made possible by the wonder of WiiFlash, which enables Flash to receive data from up to four Wiimotes simultaneously under Windows.  Unfortunately, getting your PC set up to do this is not as straightforward as one would hope.  If you’re feeling adventurous, though, visit the Swing page for more info (and a mouse-enabled version of the piece for the Wiimote-challenged).

Enterprising folks may be able to find other interesting uses for Swing.  Let me know what you discover—feature requests are welcome.


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