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By Erik Loyer
June 2007

Waggle your way through words with the Wiimote.

Requirements. Windows XP, Adobe Flash 9, the WiiFlash Server, and a single Wiimote connected to your computer via Bluetooth. 

Tips for connecting the Wiimote are available.

  • Launch Swing (Wiimote version; download this file to your computer and then drag into a browser)
  • Launch Swing (mouse version)

Wiimote version instructions. Enter your text and hit the Home button on the remote.  Then, hold the Wiimote sideways, with the D-pad on the left and facing upwards, and twist it back and forth like a steering wheel to advance through syllables.  Roll the Wiimote towards you to make the text grow larger, and away from you to make it shrink.  Up and Down on the D-pad (technically Left and Right, as you’re holding the Wiimote sideways) will step manually through syllables; the 2 button will cause the current text fragment to fade out.

Mouse version instructions. Enter your text and click “Accept lyrics”. Slide the mouse back and forth to advance through syllables. Hit any key to bring the text entry screen back up.

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No Wii for me oh oh but I did play with the mouse version… very cool.

Posted by Alex on 06/26 at 07:09 PM

I’ve got a error message when launching the swf but it works very well!

Will you give the code to see how you did this?

Posted by on 06/28 at 02:09 AM

Thomas, glad it’s working for you despite the error message (are you using the mouse or Wiimote version? what’s the message?)--let me do some cleanup on the code and then I’ll post.

Posted by on 06/28 at 09:37 AM

Hi Erik,

I’ve got the message by using the wiimote.
It’s a bit strange, I need to launch the swf twice because at first it doesn’t work. But afterwards it works great !

The error message is :
“ArgumentError: Error #1063: Non-correspondance du nombre d’arguments sur TouchType/::onWiimoteConnect(). 0 prévu(s), 1 détecté(s).
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/flash.events:EventDispatcher::dispatchEventFunction()
at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
at org.wiiflash::Wiimote/::onConnect()”

Posted by on 06/28 at 09:46 AM

cool smile  What fun!!!!  No Wii yet but the mouse version waggles along with style and grace!  Thnx!!!

Posted by on 06/29 at 05:52 AM

Sorry, but I couldn’t get the WiiMote version to work.  It came up with this error:

Error #2044: Unhandled SecurityErrorEvent:. text=Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: http://erikloyer.com/exp/swing/Swing_wiimote.swf cannot load data from
at org.wiiflash::WiiSocket$iinit()
at org.wiiflash::WiiSocket$/getInstance()
at org.wiiflash::Wiimote$iinit()
at Swing$iinit()

I have WiiFlash Server 0.2 and I tried opening up port 19028 on my computer and on the router, but it still doesn’t work.
If you know how to fix this, I’d appreciate it.  Thanks in advance!
I tried the mouse version, though.  It’s pretty cool!

Posted by hippiMan on 07/02 at 12:40 PM

hippiMan, try downloading the .swf to your hard drive and then dragging it into a browser… see if that helps.

Posted by on 07/02 at 01:35 PM

Thomas, I’ve updated the .swf--this should hopefully get rid of the error message you’re seeing.  And, I’ve posted the source above…

Posted by on 07/02 at 07:42 PM


Must i have the sensor bar in order to
use my wiimote as a pointer?
(you know the downleft corner problem)

will i be able to use it as a pointer in flash? without this sensor?

isn’t the bluetooth enough?


Posted by yogi on 07/05 at 02:13 AM

Yes yogi, you do need the sensor bar to point with the Wiimote--transmission of pointing data requires that the Wiimote have two IR sources in front of it that it can read. (I’ve seen emulations of pointer functionality using just the motion-sensing data, but it’s pretty lame.) I bought an Nyko sensor bar to try out pointing functionality but have never been able to get it to work with WiiFlash, unfortunately.  If you can’t get the Nyko then you can apparently fake a sensor bar using other methods, including candles…

Posted by on 07/05 at 08:29 AM

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