aug 6 1991 / 1996

Text, Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

aug 6 1991 is an interactive CD-ROM in which users experience a poem from the “inside out,” by exploring a cyclic web of links between the images, sounds, symbols, and themes the poem evokes.


L.A. Freewaves Festival 5th Celebration of Experimental Media Arts

aug 6 1991 Screenshot 1

The “Browser” area allows users to playfully remix the raw elements from a given stanza of the poem--images, symbols, and pictographs.

aug 6 1991 Screenshot 2

Images and video from the locations described in the poem are used to provide users with a sense of context before reading a given stanza.

aug 6 1991 Screenshot 3

The “Pictograph” area combines graphics inspired by the poem’s symbols, media and text to create a pictographic representation of a line.

aug 6 1991 Screenshot 4

The appearance of the text is the final step in the cyclical navigation structure of the piece.