Breathing Room
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Breathing Room

by Erik Loyer

In this prototype powered by the Leap Motion controller, users can push and pull, wave and swipe to channel winds which blow through the leaves of a solitary tree in a 3D world. Each movement triggers the sound of a breath, as if you’re inhaling and exhaling for the world. Panel layouts are completely dynamic (powered by the Panoply engine), and accompanied by optional captions which unfold a story in different ways each time you play.



Image 1 from Breathing Room

Breathing Room’s panel layouts are calculated using treemaps, so no two layouts are ever the same.

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Dialing your finger in a circular motion causes time to advance forwards or backwards…

Image 3 from Breathing Room

…causing time-lapse effects in the sun and clouds.

Image 4 from Breathing Room

Panels are randomly captioned with brief remembrances that feel as if they were pulled from a personal journal or microblog.

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