Cast-offs from the Golden Age / 2006

Text by Melanie Swalwell, Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

Cast-offs from the Golden Age invites the user to adopt the position of the researcher, unearthing the local histories of videogaming in New Zealand by exploring a 3D space in which inquiries, interviews, dead ends and historical artifacts are enacted and explored.  A collaboration with scholar Melanie Swalwell.

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Electrofringe, This is Not Art Festival, Newcastle, Australia

Cast-offs Screenshot 1

Users find themselves in a 3D environment in which they can lay down “avenues of inquiry” retracing Swalwell’s investigations into the history of gaming in New Zealand.

cast-offs Screenshot 2

Intersections between avenues of inquiry can present unexpected opportunities for insight as characters “speak” to the user about their experiences in the industry.

Video Documentation

A brief demonstration of the project is presented below.

Cast-offs Screenshot 3

The more the user learns about a particular avenue of inquiry, the higher the sun at its vanishing point rises in the sky.

Cast-offs Screenshot 4

Certain interactions result in bits of ephemera being added to the user’s collection, as with this Atari 2600 advertisement.