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Text, Design, Programming and Score by Erik Loyer
Art Direction by Anita Lozinska
Additional Programming by Eric Campdoras

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This project uses the Shockwave plug-in, which is currently unsupported by most browsers. As an alternative, view the project's video documentation below.

Chroma is an award-winning interactive serial in which users interact with fluid, real-time graphics representing the thoughts and feelings of characters exploring issues of race and identity in digital space.

Winner, 2002 CYBERLOUP / IPL Best Digital Creation Award, Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media
American Museum of the Moving Image, New York
Made possible in part by a Rockefeller Foundation Film/Video/Multimedia Fellowship

Video Documentation

The main menu and all seven of the project's completed chapters are presented below.


Image 1 from Chroma

Chroma’s main characters have discovered an Edenic “natural cyberspace” accessible purely through the mind.

Image 2 from Chroma

The main character, Duck at the Door, is haunted by a world which constantly misinterprets her.

Image 3 from Chroma

In this chapter, the main characters are represented as a single living organism undergoing constant transformation.

Image 4 from Chroma

Here, the user directs a stream of floating squares to successive points on the horizon to activate various sections of a character’s monologue.

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