Hollowbound Book / 2003

Text, Design, Programming and Score by Erik Loyer

Hollowbound Book is an interactive response to N. Katherine Hayles’ book Writing Machines, in which a newly liberated book binding testifies to its liberation at the hands of Hayles’ theories.  Commissioned for Peter Lunenfeld’s Mediaworks pamphlet series.

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Featured in the 2003 California Design Biennial

Hollowbound Book Screenshot 1

The piece opens with a poetic invocation of N. Katherine Hayles’ book Writing Machines.

Hollowbound Book Screenshot 2

The text of the project is the monologue of a book binding come to life.

Video Documentation

Hollowbound Book Screenshot 3

At each stage in the text, the user is presented with an animated (and often interactive) composition illustrating the point being made.

Hollowbound Book Screenshot 4

At the end of the piece, the user can literally reshape Hayles’ text within the confines of a virtual book.