Mob City Motion comic / 2013

by Erik Loyer

The Twitter campaign for TNT’s “Mob City” paired tweet-sized script excerpts with production stills, looping video, and social media feedback. To me, it looked for all the world like a sprawling motion comic--so I took the first scene, combined it with the interactive comics technology I developed for Upgrade Soul, and turned it into a tablet experience.

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Mob City 1

The user swipes from right to left to advance through the narrative.

Mob City 2

The text of the tweets was used for captions, while images and looping vine videos made up the visual component.

Video Documentation

A brief demonstration of the project is presented below.

Mob City 3

The experiment was designed to show how temporal vignettes—the lingua franca of screen comics—have become an elemental part of today’s visual vernacular.