Mobile Figures
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Mobile Figures

by David Lloyd
Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

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This project uses the Flash plug-in, which is no longer supported by Adobe. As an alternative, view the project's video documentation below.

An interactive essay about historical metaphors and metonyms for the Irish in which the non-linear aspects of the essay’s content are visualized as a virtual potato field whose root structure users can navigate at will.  A collaboration with scholar David Lloyd.

Video Traversal

A high quality recording of the project as a user might experience it.


Image 1 from Mobile Figures

Lloyd’s essay has been divided into discreet chunks—represented here as potatoes—through which multiple threads of meaning and argument intersect.

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Clicking on a potato brings up its associated text, along with interface for navigating along the various interwoven threads of the work.

Image 3 from Mobile Figures

By expanding the reader interface, the user reveals non-linear connections between themes, keywords, and works referenced in the piece.

Image 4 from Mobile Figures

The “underground” area contains archival imagery which illustrates Lloyd’s points about common stereotypes of the Irish.

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