Mobile Figures / 2005

Text by David Lloyd, Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

An interactive essay about historical metaphors and metonyms for the Irish in which the non-linear aspects of the essay’s content are visualized as a virtual potato field whose root structure users can navigate at will.  A collaboration with scholar David Lloyd.

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Mobile Figures Screenshot 1

Lloyd’s essay has been divided into discreet chunks--represented here as potatoes--through which multiple threads of meaning and argument intersect.

Mobile Figures Screenshot 2

Clicking on a potato brings up its associated text, along with interface for navigating along the various interwoven threads of the work.

mobile Figures Screenshot 3

By expanding the reader interface, the user reveals non-linear connections between themes, keywords, and works referenced in the piece.

mobile Figures Screenshot 4

The “underground” area contains archival imagery which illustrates Lloyd’s points about common stereotypes of the Irish.