Nation on the Move
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Nation on the Move

by Minoo Moallem
Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

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This project uses the Flash plug-in, which is no longer supported by Adobe. As an alternative, view the project's video documentation below.

In Nation on the Move, a single thread is pulled, teased and stretched into a chaotic web of interconnections between ideas of nationhood, gender, commerce and art that comprise the world of the Persian carpet. A collaboration with scholar Minoo Moallem.

Video Traversal

A high quality recording of the project as a user might experience it.


Image 1 from Nation on the Move

As the piece begins, users a presented with a single thread stretched across an image.

Image 2 from Nation on the Move

By clicking and dragging, the user can “hang” colored strands of this thread on specific locations in the image, revealing short texts that illuminate aspects of Moallem’s argument.

Image 3 from Nation on the Move

Further exploration results in a chaotic web of interconnections.

Image 4 from Nation on the Move

A bookmarkable index allows users to explore the content of the project independently of the main interface.

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