Nation on the Move / 2007

by Minoo Moallem, Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

In Nation on the Move, a single thread is pulled, teased and stretched into a chaotic web of interconnections between ideas of nationhood, gender, commerce and art that comprise the world of the Persian carpet. A collaboration with scholar Minoo Moallem.

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Nation on the Move Screenshot 1

As the piece begins, users a presented with a single thread stretched across an image.

Nation on the Move Screenshot 2

By clicking and dragging, the user can “hang” colored strands of this thread on specific locations in the image, revealing short texts that illuminate aspects of Moallem’s argument.

Video Documentation

A brief demonstration of the project is presented below.

Nation on the Move Screenshot 3

Further exploration results in a chaotic web of interconnections.

Nation on the Move Screenshot 4

A bookmarkable index allows users to explore the content of the project independently of the main interface.