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by Erik Loyer

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Panoply is a plug-in which brings the visual language of comics to the popular Unity game engine. Based on the same technology that powers Upgrade Soul and Breathing Room, It is the only digital comics tool to feature a unified, momentum-driven timeline that smoothly advances time from moment to moment in the story, without relying on pre-rendered animations or cut scenes.

Panoply was used to create Doctor Who Infinity and the award-winning graphic novel Stilstand.




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Every Panoply panel is a full-fledged Unity camera which can be used to show 2D artwork, or multiple angles of a 3D scene.

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Creators can add captions and dialogue balloons with dynamic, localized text—and make their own caption styles.

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The visual layout tool allows authors to position panels by clicking and dragging in a grid.

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Panoply works with any kind of asset Unity supports—2D or 3D.

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