Precision Targets
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Precision Targets

by Caren Kaplan
Design and Programming by Erik Loyer
Illustration by Ezra Claytan Daniels

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This project uses the Flash plug-in, which is no longer supported by Adobe. As an alternative, view the project's video documentation below.

Precision Targets is an interactive essay about technology and militarization of everyday life. The project places users inside a cube containing six parallel stories told through interactive comic panels that are married to threads of an an essay by scholar Caren Kaplan.

Video Traversal

A high quality recording of the project as a user might experience it.


Image 1 from Precision Targets

Six four-panel stories about GPS and geo-location technology are housed in a cube the user can rotate in 3D.

Image 2 from Precision Targets

By clicking “More,” users can view commentary by scholar Caren Kaplan associated with each panel.

Image 3 from Precision Targets

Users can “enter” individual panels as parallax compositions that can be navigated with the mouse.

Image 4 from Precision Targets

Kaplan’s commentary can be expanded to full screen for more in-depth reading.

Image 5 from Precision Targets

Some panels include animations and/or interactivity.

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