Space Into Game, Time Into Book / 2014

by Erik Loyer

A comic on a screen is a curious and confounding thing, and it’s taken a lot of experimentation, thought, and plain old trial and error to see past the screen’s first tantalizing promises to bring sequential art to life. Space Into Game, Time Into Book is a 20 minute video based on a talk originally given at the Roundtable on New Technologies and the Future of the Humanities at City University of Hong Kong, exploring what comics and screens can do together. A web version of the talk is also available.

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SpaceGame 1

The video examines Scott McCloud’s definition of comics as it relates to screen-based incarnations of the medium.

SpaceGame 2

The popularization of momentum scrolling with the iPhone’s touch screen is shown to have a major impact on how screen comics use time.


SpaceGame 3

Looping imagery from Muybridge to Vine is a key element in the grammar of screen comics.

SpaceGame 4

Examples of looping motion from experimental cinema are cites to place screen comics practice in historical context.

SpaceGame 5

The video concludes with a taste of how screen comics might play with time in interesting new ways.