The persistence of hyperbole / 2002

Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

The persistence of hyperbole explores the seduction of techno-hype through autobiographical text, sound and imagery, including extracts from various versions of the popular computer game Castle Wolfenstein. Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

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Digital Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Hyperbole Screenshot 1

A diptych format allows for dialogue between images, texts and audio from various incarnations of Castle Wolfenstein along with autobiographical details.

Hyperbole Screenshot 2

Screenshots from the game initially appear whole, but slowly begin to fragment in 3D space.

Hyperbole Screenshot 3

Audio recordings of the artist and a friend playing the early 80’s version of Castle Wolfenstein are included, along with transcripts.

Hyperbole Screenshot 4

A photo and excerpt from a newspaper article entitled “Computer Mania” which profiled the artist’s family as early adopters of home computing.