The Unmaking of Markets
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The Unmaking of Markets

by Rebecca Emigh
Design by Erik Loyer
Programming by Stamen Design

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An interactive essay in which animated composites of historical paintings are used along with landholding simulations to investigate the advent of capitalism in 15th century Tuscany.  A collaboration with scholar Rebecca Emigh.

Video Traversal

A high quality recording of the project as a user might experience it.


Image 1 from The Unmaking of Markets

Animated “composites” like this one use illustration, extracts from historical paintings, and contemporary photographs to recreate the living and working patterns of 15th century Tuscans.

Image 2 from The Unmaking of Markets

When the user rolls over an element of a composite, it’s original context appears around it—in this case, the historical painting this vintner was lifted from.

Image 3 from The Unmaking of Markets

Landholding simulations illustrate Emigh’s theories about differences in the ways markets functioned in northern and southern regions.

Image 4 from The Unmaking of Markets

Annotated copies of historical documents from the period can be browsed for further insight.

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