The Virtual Window Interactive / 2007

Text by Anne Friedberg, Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

A companion piece to Anne Friedberg’s book The Virtual Window in which users can play with various combinations of formats, content and viewers to explore the ways in which apertures of vision affect the content we experience within them.

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Virtual Window Screenshot 1

Users click and drag to open an aperture within a darkened room.

virtual Window Screenshot 2

A variety of aperture types are available for the user to choose from; each has a different effect on what is seen through the aperture.

Video Documentation

A brief demonstration of the project is presented below.

virtual Window Screenshot 3

Unusual combinations are possible, as seen here with a painting frame enclosing a screenshot from the Mac OS X interface.

virtual Window Screenshot 4

A wide range of content is also available to place within the apertures, from Renaissance paintings to cinema to digital interfaces.

virtual Window Screenshot 5

Mobile devices can also be used as apertures, to explore how small screens affect the viewing of all kinds of content.

virtual Window Screenshot 6

Keywords floating in the viewing space can be expanded to reveal related discourse and theory.