Viewfinder / 2008

by Will Carter, Paul Debevec, Perry Hoberman, Andrew Jones,
Bruce Lamond, Erik Loyer, Giuseppe Mattiolo, and Michael Naimark

Viewfinder is a novel method for users to spatially situate, or “find the pose,” of their photographs, and then to view these photographs, along with others, as perfectly aligned overlays in a 3D world model such as Google Earth.

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Featured on the NY Times Bits blog

Viewfinder image 1

United Nations matte painting from North by Northwest, posed in Google Earth.

Viewfinder image 2

A scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Video Documentation

A brief demonstration of the project is presented below.

Viewfinder image 3

Taking off from LAX. Photo by Michael Renner.

Viewfinder image 4

Suffrage parade at the Flatiron building, 1913. Photo from Bain/Library of Congress via pingnews.