WiFi.Bedouin / 2005

Text by Julian Bleecker, Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

An interactive work which stages an essay on the construction and implications of a portable WiFi hotspot within a simulation of the device in actual use.  A collaboration with scholar/technologist Julian Bleecker.

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Wifi.Bedouin Screenshot 1

The essay takes place in a virtualized version of one of several popular locations where public wireless Internet access can be found.

Wifi.Bedouin Screenshot 2

The Wifi.Bedouin device is introduced into the space. Users can activate three different “interventions” in conventional wireless access; in this case a localized chat feature has been activated.

wifi.Bedouin Screenshot 3

The essay itself is integrated into the simulation, allowing the user to get both theoretical and DIY content about the device.

Wifi.Bedouin Screenshot 4

The essay includes illustrations to assist users who want to build their own WiFi.Bedouin.