I create tactile digital experiences that evoke emotions, tell stories, and spread ideas.

Chevron pointing down
Glide through an animated mural of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech
Tilt, stroke, and shake to shape the emotions of an interracial couple
Tread through a chilling, musical tale of cloning gone awry
Tap and swipe through the rain-soaked thoughts of a man in crisis

A tactile experience can help you engage a larger audience.

Maybe it’s a feeling you want your users to associate with your content. Or an idea you want them to grasp viscerally before they grok it intellectually. Or a moment of empathy that lines up with a critical story beat.

I create impact through digital design that emphasizes feel, tactility, and real-time response.

To do so, I draw upon the disciplines of music, film, fine art, theatre, graphic design, traditions of Black cultural production, and a variety of skills encompassing creative direction, game development, and user experience design.

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