Stepwise / 2017

by Erik Loyer

Stepwise is an open source library for one-button storytelling, designed to make it easy to craft stories based on the simplest of interactions: “click to continue.” These stories carry an element of suspense, because we don’t know exactly what we’re going to get next, but also an element of performance, because while the author controls the “what,” we control the “when.” Stepwise stories can be composed of text, music, and almost any other kind of content imaginable—the library is, in effect, a multimodal content sequencer. Visit Stepworks to see examples of what the library can do.

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Stepwise 1

Stepwise is about building artful experiences around a simple one-button mechanic of suspense and performance.

Stepwise 2

Extensive documentation on Github explains how to get up and running quickly.

Stepwise 3

Stepwise can be used to create a wide variety of performative experiences—to see some of the possibilities, visit the Stepworks site.