Slavery’s Ephemera
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Slavery’s Ephemera

by Judith Jackson Fossett
Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

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An interactive essay which stages reflections upon Louisiana plantation culture on a virtual Mississippi river down which key phrases float and run aground, triggering photographic and prose recollections of the region.  A collaboration with scholar Judith Jackson Fossett.

Video Traversal

A high quality recording of the project as a user might experience it.


Image 1 from Slavery’s Ephemera

Slavery’s Ephemera draws heavily upon photographs taken by the author during recent tours of Louisiana plantations.

Image 2 from Slavery’s Ephemera

Keywords float down a river whose geography is inspired by the Mississippi River, becoming lodged at specific plantation sites along the way.

Image 3 from Slavery’s Ephemera

Each “stuck” keyword provides an opportunity to explore images and text about the site.

Image 4 from Slavery’s Ephemera

Images and text pile up on each other in an evocation of the confounding layering of history and myth in present-day Louisiana.

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