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by Erik Loyer

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Stepworks is a web-based creative sandbox for exploring rhythmic storytelling. Based on the open source Stepwise library, Stepworks allows users to combine XML scripts containing raw text and music content with “stages” that bring them to life as audiovisual compositions users can perform at will. Users can mix and match scripts and stages, and use Google Sheets to create entirely new scripts featuring multiple characters and musical instruments which can be shared via URL.

Official Honoree, NetArt Category, 22nd Annual Webby Awards



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Stepworks features a variety of “micromusicals” and other stories which can be performed by users.

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The site is frequently updated with new experiments in one-button storytelling.

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Users can mix and match scripts and “stages” (audiovisual presentations), so each story can be visualized and performed in multiple ways.

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Google Sheets integration allows users to quickly compose sophisticated stories featuring both text and music.

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