Strange Rain
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Strange Rain

by Erik Loyer

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Strange Rain turns the iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV into a photorealistic portable skylight on a rainy day, with three play modes that combine touchscreen play with interactive storytelling. Published by Opertoon; downloaded over 500,000 times.

#1 Best-selling US iPad Entertainment app
#1 Top-grossing US iPhone Entertainment app
#1 Best-selling US Apple TV Entertainment app
Featured on and Editor's Choice

Video Documentation

An early video preview of the project.

MoCA’s Art in Video Games

Strange Rain was also featured in MoCA’s Art in Video Games series profiling independent game makers in Los Angeles.


Image 1 from Strange Rain

The main menu screen of Strange Rain offers access to three play modes.

Image 2 from Strange Rain

Rain appears to fall on the screen, and tilting the device affects perspective.

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In story mode, fragments of story appear with every touch.

Image 4 from Strange Rain

The story follows the thoughts of a man in the midst of a family crisis.

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