ProjectsGenerous Machine : Interactive art, design and commentary by Erik Loyer
Upgrade Soul
Upgrade Soul is an immersive science fiction graphic novel for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
Technologies of History
Explore a palimpsest of media recreations of the Kennedy assassination.
The Knotted Line
A tactile laboratory for exploring the historical relationship between freedom and confinement.
Strange Rain
Strange Rain turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a skylight on a rainy day.
Precision Targets
An interactive comic and essay abut GPS technology, housed inside a rotating cube.
Ruben & Lullaby
An iPhone love story you play like a musical instrument.
How to seamlessly "Flickrize" Google Earth.
Blue Velvet
Submerge yourself in a poetic wordscape describing the contours of American racial politics post-Katrina.
Nation on the Move
Unravel threads of nationhood, gender, art and commerce in the world of the Persian carpet.
Public Secrets
Audio testimonials from women incarcerated in California. Official Honoree in the 11th Annual Webby Awards.
The Virtual Window Interactive
A digital companion and 'conceptual playset' for Anne Friedberg's book The Virtual Window.
Cast-offs from the Golden Age
Exploring the history of videogaming in New Zealand through an interactive 3D environment.
Slavery’s Ephemera
A meditation on the amnesiac layering of geography, architecture and history surrounding Louisiana's plantations on the Mississippi river.
Mobile Figures
Exploring historical metaphors and metonyms for the Irish within a virtual potato field.
An interactive DIY guide for building mobile WiFi hotspots.
Narrating Bits
An interactive staging of an essay by N. Katherine Hayles.
The Unmaking of Markets
Putting animation and simulation to work in exploring the formation of capitalism in 15th century Tuscany.
The Vector Space
An "intellectual paint program" in which users draw to explore content connections between various essays.
Hollowbound Book
A book binding speaks in this response to N. Katherine Hayles' book Writing Machines.
The persistence of hyperbole
Art at the intersection of technology, desire, and Castle Wolfenstein.
Story Problem
Interactive musical poetry users can perform, save and replay.
A serialized exploration of the nature of racial identity in digital space.
Resisting the Epic
An interactive essay about how digital creators compromise themselves.
The Lair of the Marrow Monkey
An experiment in combining motion, interactivity, music and poetry.
aug 6 1991
An interactive CD-ROM in which users experience a poem from the "inside out."