Stepworks / 2017

Stepworks is a creative sandbox based on Stepwise, the open source digital storytelling format.

Stepwise / 2017

An open source standard and library for digital storytelling.

Panoply / 2016

Interactive comics tools for the Unity game engine.

Surfacing / 2015

Become a signal traveling across the undersea network.

Timeframing: The Art of Comics on Screens / 2014

Panels in pixels ≠ panels on paper.

Space Into Game, Time Into Book / 2014

Exploring what comics and screens do together.

Mob City Motion comic / 2013

How to turn a Twitter marketing campaign into a motion comic.

Freedom’s Ring / 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, animated and annotated.

Breathing Room / 2013

Prototype for a gesture-driven comic that never reads the same way twice.

Scalar / 2013

Born-digital, open source, media-rich scholarly publishing that’s as easy as blogging.

Upgrade Soul / 2012

An immersive science fiction graphic novel for tablet and phone.

The Knotted Line / 2012

A tactile exploration of the history of freedom and confinement in the United States.

Languish / 2011

Prototype for a flight simulator featuring words and ideas instead of ships and planes.

Strange Rain / 2011

Turn your phone or tablet into a storytelling skylight on a rainy day.

Totality for Kids / 2010

An annotated comic recounting the birth of the Situationist International.

Precision Targets / 2010

An interactive comic about GPS technology set inside a rotating cube.

Blood Sugar / 2010

An audio archive of conversations recorded with current and former injection drug users.

Ruben & Lullaby / 2009

An mobile phone love story you play like a musical instrument.

Technologies of History / 2008

Explore media recreations of the Kennedy assassination.

Critical Sections / 2008

Mash up LA's architectural and cinematic history in collages you draw yourself.

Viewfinder / 2008

How to align your photos with the places they were taken in Google Earth.

Blue Velvet / 2007

Submerge yourself in a poetic wordscape describing the contours of American racial politics post-Katrina.

Nation on the Move / 2007

Unravel threads of nationhood, gender, art and commerce in the world of the Persian carpet.

Swing / 2007

Waggle your way through words with the Wiimote.

Slabtype Algorithm / 2007

Fit text in a box in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Public Secrets / 2007

Audio testimonials from women incarcerated in California.

The Virtual Window Interactive / 2007

A digital companion and 'conceptual playset' for Anne Friedberg's book The Virtual Window.

Cast-offs from the Golden Age / 2006

Exploring the history of videogaming in New Zealand through an interactive 3D environment.

Slavery’s Ephemera / 2006

A meditation on the layering of geography, architecture and history surrounding Louisiana's plantations on the Mississippi river.

Mobile Figures / 2005

Exploring historical metaphors and metonyms for the Irish within a virtual potato field.

WiFi.Bedouin / 2005

An interactive DIY guide for building mobile WiFi hotspots.

Narrating Bits / 2005

An interactive staging of an essay by N. Katherine Hayles.

The Unmaking of Markets / 2005

Putting animation and simulation to work in exploring the formation of capitalism in 15th century Tuscany.

The Vector Space / 2005

An "intellectual paint program" in which users draw to explore content connections between various essays.

Hollowbound Book / 2003

A book binding speaks in this response to N. Katherine Hayles' book Writing Machines.

The persistence of hyperbole / 2002

Art at the intersection of technology, desire, and Castle Wolfenstein.

Syncopation for Programmers / 2002

Why rhythmic play is an essential design tool in the 21st century.

Story Problem / 2001

Interactive musical poetry users can perform, save and replay.

Chroma / 2001

A science fiction serial about racial identity in digital space.

Resisting the Epic / 1999

An interactive essay about how digital creators compromise themselves.

The Lair of the Marrow Monkey / 1998

An experiment in combining motion, interactivity, music and poetry.

aug 6 1991 / 1996

An interactive CD-ROM in which users experience a poem from the "inside out."